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Web development using PHP and HTML5


Responsivní design HTML5 & Javascript


What we offer

Website Creation

Website Creation Website Creation

For you or your company we create a professional business or personal internet presence. We also offer blog information system, online store, or you any different kind of web application creation . We will focus on performance optimalization, flexibility and accessibility in web search engines.

Responsive design

Responsive design Responsive design

Your site will be validly appear on all types of equipment. The simplicity and clarity of design will be appreciated by users on the PC, mobile devices and tablets.

We use latest web technologies

We use latest web technologies We use latest web technologies

We use the latest technology in the field of web design and web graphics. Web applications use the MVC model, which simply separates the application from front-end of applications, and any further change of design will be easy in future.

Phases of the project

Consultation with the customer
Consultation with the customer

Before the start of the project it is necessary to dissect and analyze client requirements. There is created the basic concept of the project.


In this phase of project the we create database and create web application. In most cases this is the longest part of application development.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design

An essential part of the project is the creation and deployment of graphic design into an already created applications.

Finalizing the project
Finalizing the project

This is the last part of the project. In this phase we control the entire application and deliver project to the customer.

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